Exhibitions and Awards


August 1999 European Month of Culture, general exhibition, participation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

April 2000 Photographic Academy- National Contest, Photosaloon 2000- III prize, NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2000 AME EPEVRY (Association de Mecenat d’Entreprises), International Contest- “An Image for the Future”, general exhibition, participation, Paris, France

September 2000 Photovacation 2000- exhibition and medal, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

October 2000 AGFA Contest- Beautiful Bulgaria, Week of Photography, participation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

February 2001 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 10 years Anniversary Exhibition, participation, London, England

April 2001 National Preview 1991- 2000 Photography, participation, NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria

February 2006 french PHOTO contest – participation by publication in category MODE

March 2006 TZUM photographic contest, theme “St. Valentine”, general exhibition, participation, TZUM, Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2008 FARA 2007 awards– joint project with Pin Lab Creative Studio- award for Litex Calendar 2008

May 2011 Malta Fashion Week, international photographic exhibition of Fashion Photographers, participation, Mall “the Point of Malta”, Valetta, Malta

May 2011 accredited representative photographer of European Fashion Council for Bulgaria for Malta Fashion Awards

June 2014 accredited photographer for World Bodypainting Festival’ 14, Portsatch, Austria

November 2014 World Bodypainting Festival Photographic Contest- from 1300 entries qualifying closer to top 10 with 25 points

April 2015 accredited photographer for Budapest Fashion Week’ 15, Budapest, Hungary

May 2016 lead photographer and organizer of first edition of the Balkan Fashion Week’ 16, Sofia, Rainbow Plaza, Bulgaria

Education History

1994 – 1999 graduated special high school “National Professional School by Poligraphy and Photography”, spec. photography

1999 – present student at “New Bulgarian University”, spec. advertising and art photography

2010 Workshop – Cinema Technique in Photography, master instructors- Juan Santacruz & Miguel Espada, Sofia,Bulgaria


2010 – 2013 National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria – associative member

2012 – present chairman & CEO of the Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association

Professional Experience

1999 – 2000 “Treymann Brother’s” Photostudio- photographer, Sofia

2000 – 2002 Kodak Digital Center- copyman and photographer, Sofia

2001 – 2004 Effect Studio – Sofia, 108b Simeonovsko Shouse str /co-owner/

2005 – present Life Studio – 1142 Sofia, 74 Lyuben Karavelov str, floor 4 /owner/

2010 – 2013 instructor of Fashion Photography Courses at National Fashion Academy of Bulgaria for Sofia city


About Us

Life Studio possesses the best professional photographic equipment, as well as a diligent and expert team of photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and graphic designers. Based on our experience and technique we create high quality images which are published in various magazines, models’ portfolios, calendars, and catalogues. We also make shooting of standstill objects, interior and exterior photography, etc.

Life Studio is established in 2005 and since then actively participates on the Bulgarian market. Among our clients count leading advertising and model agencies, as well as fashion boutiques, cosmetics importers, musicians, actors and many others.

We will be happy to answer any further questions or proposals on your behalf.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

what we do:

– Commercial, Advertising and Fashion Photography
– Video Productions, Music Videos, Cinematography
– Professional Portrait Retouch
– Rental Studio and Technique
– Consultancy in the field of the Commercial Photography

– Post Production for Print or other Media

Albert Baruch (Photographer)

He works as professional fashion and advertising photographer from year of 2001. 2003 and 2004 he is official photographer of “Miss Bulgaria”. Year of 2001 he established Effect Studio as a co-owner. Four years later he established his own brand Life Studio and with this brand he made a huge break on Bulgarian market and abroad.

Year of 2006 is published an image in French magazine PHOTO in annual international contest of the magazine in prestigious category- MODE. Year of 2008 with the joint project with Pin Lab Creative Studio he won an award in category Print for Litex Calendar 2008 at FARA – every year awards of the Association of the Advertising Agencies “ARA BULGARIA”.

At present he is Chairman of Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association.

In 2011 he participated into the International Fashion Photographers Exhibition at “Malta Fashion Week” in Valetta, Malta. He was also an accredited photographer on “Malta Fashion Awards 2011”. During 2014 he took part at the „World Bodypainting Festival” in Austria as an accredited photographer. At the photography contest of the festival he qualified close to Top 10 from the astonishing 1300 entries. In 2015 he took part as an accredited photographer at the “Budapest Fashion Week” in Hungary. He is one of the organizers of the first edition of Balkan Fashion Week in Sofia.

Among his clients are Unicredit Bulbank, Bulgartabac, Lady’s Romania, Litex, Visages Model Group and many more.

Grisha Strundzhev (Graphic Designer)

Passionate graphic designer capable to create traditional and new creative graphic solutions for any communicational issue.

Most of his projects focus on identity and infographics design and print media. For the last few years specializes in motion graphics design and corporate video presentations for local and international companies. Loves tattoos.

Eva Sereva (Make Up Artist)

Eva Sereva is a professional makeup artist, specializing in beauty, art, cinema and stage makeup.

She owns international certificates for makeup from the Italian brand Essential and the American Ofra. Participates in numerous fashion shows, photo shoots, videos and commercials.

She has won second place in makeup category on the Fourth Annual Awards of Coiffure beauty magazine, and the Special Prize at the Festival of makeup and hairstyle Forchetta 2010.

She has published interviews in magazines such as Wedding Catalog, Beauty Woman, Coiffure beauty, Hello, OK magazine and many published makeup photos from photo shoots. She is part of the makeup artists team in the „Moderno” show on BTV.

Eva Sereva works with many popular photographers, stylists and hairdressers, creating music videos, commercials, fashion shows and photo shoots.

Owner of a professional make up studio by the name of ES make up studio.

Emil Andonov (high end retoucher)

Emil Andonov is a 20-year old High End Retoucher with more than 6 years of experience in the field.

He is currently studying his major in Photography in New Bulgarian University.

He has worked for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Hello Bulgaria, Amica.

Emil Yordanov (postproduction)

Emil Yordanov is a 20 years old photographer, retoucher, director and a cameraman. He has graduated Cinema, audio and Video Systems. Now he is a sophomore in Cinema and Television at New Bulgarian University. He has done two courses in photography – the first is at NATFA (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts) and the second is from the chairman of Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association – Albert Baruch (Life Studio).

He works with the best Bulgarian designers, make-up and hair artists. His favorite kind of photography are the fashion and conceptual photography.

Ivana Georgieva (make up artist)

Ivana Georgieva is a makeup artist for already two years. In 2015 she completed a course for Professional Art and Beauty Make-up at the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training; Center for Vocational Training to “IMARK” Ltd. with teacher – Irina Ivanova. Make-up for her is not just art, it is her passion. She specializes in make-up for occasions (proms, weddings, etc.), for photo sessions, as well as beauty and art make-up.

Svetlana Arsova (make up artist)

Svetlana Arsova is make up artist wit 20 years experience in this field. Svetlana publish her book for make up few years ago with title “Make up”. She won award from KRYOLAN for best make up instructor. She owes School for Make Up and teaches many students. She works with best photographers. Also works for TV productions, Music videos and advertisments. She is official make up artist for Sofia Fashion Week and Bulgarian Pret-a-Porter.

Mariam Kothian (stylist)

She works as a stylist from year of 2003. During year 2006 to 2015 she is part of the team of “Global Films” as a assistant and first costume artist to Kremena Halvadjian and prepairing a lot of TV shows, adverts, events. Most famous of them are: Masters of the Air, Sea of Love, Full Change, Bulgaria Got Talent, Fear, Sport Year Awards, Bulgarian Christmas and many more. From 2015 she is freelancer and she is looking for good vision change. She has complete activities like Merchandising of Fashion Stores, Costume Architecture and Interior Design.

Elena Alexy (Designer)

Elena Aleksieva is a designer with extensive experience in managing fashion brands and events. Winner of the “National Award for Fashion” 2012, participated with a private collection in Budapest Fashion Week, Spring-Summer 2015.

Violeta Mashiah (Office Manager)

Violeta Mashiah has a bachelor degree in Engeneering & Physics from Sofia University . She also studied management in the National School of Management. She is inexperienced, but very eager to learn.

Rumen Chakarov (Make Up Artist)

He works in various TV Shows in televisions such as Bulgarian National Television (Elite, Laterna Magic), New Bulgarian Television (Nude Angels, Street Nova), TV7, BBT, such as external productions exposed in National Air.

Huge part of his work take part for shooting of various advertising campaigns. He also works with most of the famous Bulgarian singers.

He take part for shootings of photosessions for magazines as VOGUE, Marie Claire, ELLE, FHM, PLAYBOY, MODA and more.

He took part in huge culture and fashion events, such as “Kremllin Ballet”, “ Miss Bulgaria”.
He has nominees and awards of “Pantene Beauty Awards”, “Intercoiffure Paris” and “WELLA

Goryan Stoyanov (Hairstylist)

Year of 2004 he started his creative way in professional school of stylist Kapanov. Going on his way continue his master skills in the school of other master Vassil Atanassov. During years he learns a lot in academy’s , such as L’Oreal, VIDAL SASSOON, TONY & GUY and many other.

Year of 2008 he open his own saloon “GORYAN STOYANOV HAIR DESIGN”. His workplace become one of the most desirable fashion places in Sofia. The saloon is member of HAUTE COIFFURE FRANCAISE, Intercoiffure Mondial.

Life Studio

Ivan Vazov quarter, 12 Emil Bersinsky str
1408 Sofia

+359 2 885 49 53
+359 888 512 014

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